Framework | Softwares | AI Research Processes

TagoTrader was invented and developed by Amir Arazi in the period of 2007 - Aug 2018. All development process documents arranged in a very orderly manner, as a research project for a higher purpose.

Jan 2017 is where Amir came up with the AI idea which eventually (in Aug 2018) led him to the answer for the most important question in the entire trading system, then in this year his research project for the algorithm took a completely new turn, and he found himself running and managing couple of massive IT projects, all in rapid development processes for the AI algorithm to evolve as fast as possible.

Amir had to feed the system with a lot of development hours and real-time hybrid data worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in each of those two years (2017-2018).

The TagoTrader Framework and Softwares knowledge base, real-time recorded data & analysis contains more than 30TB of powerful and valuable information, which contains, among other things, a huge number of market situations, based on real positions.

To read more, please go to the project website at: www.TagoTrader.com