Alternative Custom Software Development Service

Desktop, Mobile, Cross-Platform, Real-Time, Web, Big Data, Cloud / Server Computing;

IT Consulting

The technological aspect of each project usually begins here, Tago's IT consulting will provide you with the most important values in your project's technological aspects - We really like this service because all our knowledge and abilities are expressed in this service.

Our extensive expertise in the various technologies together with our capabilities to combine them in a way that is suitable for your project will eventually provide you with a clear strategy that you can actually execute on it while leaving stable roots for flexibility in the future.

It is not only about your software characterization master document, but much more than that, including, use of technologies, server side, client side, hardware compatibility, cross-platform support, acquisitions, budget goal achievement, business potential compatibility, product requirements and infrastructure for future development and upgrades, mergers and geographical expansion strategies.

After the idea stage, this is usually the place to move forward.

Notice, our pricing for this service is very different for customers who only need this service and customers who manage their entire project through us.

As in many fields but especially in our field, we can do the work in a number of different ways, all of which will somewhat provide the same goal, the same product, the same solution, the same software, but on a different schedule, different technologies integration and budget limitations.

Our goal is to make you achieve your goal - Your predetermined goal - From the idea phase to the final stage.


We create from zero stage to final stage all kind of programs for any of the following operating systems: UNIX, Linux, macOS, iOS, Windows, Windows Phone, and Android, including all recent years versions of these.

It depends very much on the goals of your project, if your software is required to do specific task or tasks, and provide answers or results in real-time, not for simple end user customers, you may not need to support more than one operating system on which the software runs.

In most other situations the recommendation is to develop a software that will run on more than one operating system, in fact - in all popular operating systems, mobile & desktop.

For some mobile application projects the best approach will be Hybrid / Cross-Platform development (A single code for multiple OS), for others lighter projects, the best approach may be a PWA (Progressive Web Application) which is actually just a website, but a perfectly responsive website for mobile users, served in an impressive appearance and feel of Native application.

There are a lot of factors that should be taken into account during the decision of what OS your software is going to support and in what way/technology to implement it, far beyond time schedules and budget.

In either situation, we are here, from ideation through development and delivery.


In simple words - Connecting your software directly to hardware.

If you need to calculate in real-time one or more tasks at the most possible speed, without depending on any other operating system, with the highest data security available, that's maybe the solution for your project.


Each task that your project requires from a server side and a client side is possible with Tago.

First of all, let's be clear about some new expressions, Cloud Programming is Server-Client Programming, no real difference, one does not superior to the other in any way.

In Tago we are using the expression "Cloud" mainly to inform our clients that we are highly skilled in the services and solutions of products like: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Bluemix and so on.

Taking into consideration your project requirements and budget, we will help you decide whether we should build the entire client server system for your project or use an existing service, partially or fully, in lots of cases just for machine power, pay as you go models, global networks and to cut the coding time for your project.

These days, in most of the software projects that we encounter, we strongly recommend not to go the traditional way of selling the software, certainly not with a serial number as a license to your end users, instead we recommend with full confidence the development of SaaS (Software as a Service).

When we develop SaaS we always build an offline fallback features, if necessary by your project requirements, usually there will be some necessities but if we don't see a need at the moment, we will recommend you to at least leave the basis for developing offline fallback plans for some unexpected situations.

With Tago's physical and practical experience from the field (DELL, HP Machines), from the assembling process of each server machine to a complete server farm / datacenter - the bottom line is that we can meet all your project needs with a complete custom client-server system solution, both hardware & software.

We are ready to develop and implement cloud / server-client programming into your project.


At Tago we like challenges, so the challenge of developing a unique DBMS (Database Management System) to arrange your huge data is natural for us after developing the TagoDB® Technology.

We provide a complete organize, search and analyze solutions for your big data needs while dealing with very large high volume files quantities from as many sources as your software project require, making it intelligent in terms of storing, retrieving and dealing with various files formats and qualities.

So, in simple words, Tago's Big Data solutions and analytics is all about providing you the ability to easily store, retrieve, organize, search and analyze massive sets of data from all sources, with incessant emphasis on keeping the whole system performance as rock-solid as possible, taking into account the cost-effectiveness in arranging your huge data.

Large and diverse data systems will always leave some kind of data redundancy and inconsistency, we can even say that it is necessary for smooth and fluent workflow, we at Tago see it as a healthy phenomenon for the entire DB system - using this so called "problems" of data redundancy to improve the entire DB system backups, restores and overall monitoring, providing even high levels of availability and reliability to your Big Data software project.


Make it easy and effortless for advanced users to integrate with your software, give unique tools, query parameters, communication protocols, and URL's to access your software functionality.

Allow your users to reach the full potential of your software or service (or both) by developing robust API (Application Programming Interface) for interfacing, expansion, fully customizable experience and even for the possibility that your customers will sell products based on your product.

Encourage collaborations of all kind by giving some kind of "endless possibilities" feel to your software with a custom API.

We provide all necessary documents to your end users, so they have a crystal clear instructions on how exactly to take advantage of your API features, you just paste your logo, if you don't mind.

Whether you need an API for your desktop or mobile application, business or eCommerce website, crypto currency project, IoT project and the list goes on... our mastery in API development will accomplish this task to your satisfaction and no less importantly, to the satisfaction of your advanced end-users / software providers as they approach your new API blocks, standards and rules.


Before we begin to explain, let's first emphasize that for us at Tago, all these different models, approaches and methods of the development process are no more than what they are, predefined methods and techniques designed by someone else.

We highly value working methods and methodologies (including those in the title) and we also invent such working models from time to time, the difference is that we choose the working method according to the project requirements, not according to nice words and definitions.

We operate out of necessity, so we don't see much logic in declaring something like "We are making MODEL-NAME development".

We have already encountered programmers who said they will do the work either by scrum or waterfall, really? Sorry for our lack of enthusiasm on this topic, but we see one thing in front of our eyes - to complete our client's project in the most perfect way.

Two simple examples:
If we need to deliver a working software as fast as possible, we will do that, if anyone wants to call it AGILE development, well, ok.

If your project requires code specialists to work in sync with other IT specialists - the experts who like to define and maybe refine everything will call it "DevOps".

In conclusion, when it comes to "how to work and reach goals", we are not looking for definitions, and we are not going to build a whole page on this website to explain how good we are in some models or others, again, we do everything according to the needs of your software project.

Despite the fact that these names describes an approach to get things done rather than a distinct role, we understand and agree that an expert can give himself the job title of "DevOps Manager" for example because the IT world is filled with too much expertise, so that at the end of the day an expert have to give himself a professional name one way or the other, but when it comes to work methods we see it completely differently and remember that this is usually complicate things, even though the goal is completely opposite.

We are looking to provide simple solution to complex problems, so while a software company call for a staff meeting to decides on which model to build messaging software (for example) we already have a working skeleton.



As with everything we do, we almost always prefer to build it all ourselves, for example in an eCommerce project, through our Full-Stack developers, we will develop a complete smart website system that will include exactly the features you need and no less important, will not include features you or your potential customers don't need, which will allow you to achieve your goals in a clear way without disturbing your overall strategy, for example increasing your ROI.

Depending on schedules, budget, goals, etc. we will decide together how much the system we will develop for you, will be customized and adapted to your needs, perhaps the right solution for your project would be with the help of open-source platforms like Magento or WooCommerce for your WordPress CMS.

One way or another we will write the perfect code for your project, including multi-currency & lingual shopping cart, location based searches, customer inventory and order dashboards, rock solid checkout process, social media integrations, sellers dashboards, product categories and so on, while we always take care of mCommerce (mobile commerce) functionalities for your mobile end users.

Although we do not see such projects as the most complex, we do know that we must pay attention to the small things, giving special attention to details such as easy and shorten buy/sell cycles for your users, special offers and deals, robust SEO features - usually with the clear goal of helping you to achieve the ROI you desire from your whole project.

With our knowledge in Data / Cyber security combined with Hybrid / Cross-Platform application development - You can be sure to get a complete solution for all your Smart-Website / eCommerce needs.


If your project is in jeopardy, stuck, crashes, full with malfunctions, costs you far beyond your predefined budget, takes too much time to deliver, or you simply need more talented / specialized professionals than those who started the project or are working on it at the moment, the rescue service is for you.

We have the ability to identify the root source of the problem and immediately afterwards provide you with our IT consulting service - so you can continue with your team and forget there was a problem.

If your team lack of the right skills or they provide you with poor software quality, don't panic, whatever the case may be, we can help you track down your source code in a way that leaves no questions.

If what stops your software project is disagreement or legal dispute, we may be able to help you thanks to our extensive knowledge of integrating and working with the most advanced and emerging technologies out there.